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Thank you for designing the Meno Trigger Grip. I love it. This new grip has speeded up my hooking.
-- Victoria C. - MI

I love mine and find it very comfortable and easy to work with. I think the Meno handle is wonderful and that you are a genius to have come up with it! I'm glad that you found a way to continue with your rugs. I looked at the rugs you show on your website and they are darling!
-- Cass D - Maryland

I just purchased a Meno Grip hook. I found the grip on the Meno hook really helped. Since I have arthritis in my hands, particularly in my thumbs, I think this hook may make a big difference in how long I can hook and how comfortable I am AFTER hooking - which is when it hits. The more I use it, the more I can tell it makes a big difference. Hooked for a few hours last night with the Meno grip and had no pain afterward. So, am happy to endorse it.
-- Terry W. - Oregon

I have used all of your hooks, tried them all at camp and when I got home. I think they are made very well. You both did an outstanding job and can be very proud of your product. Fibromyalgia is worse. So your hooks have really saved the day. There are days I would have to quit or not hook at all. I think your hooks came just in time.
-- Marlys B. - Iowa

Love your hook! It is so comfortable and easy to use.
-- Denise B. – WI

Several in my class already had it and loved it, said it rested their hands. CONGRATULATIONS! I think you're on your way.
-- Pris B. - Georgia

Congratulations to the both of you! You are meeting a need! I was in Denver and there was someone teaching a rug hooking class -- she bought our first sale of your hook and she was talking about how wonderful it works for her hand to her students.
-- Bonnie - Wool Street Journal

I'm so very glad for you. I just know your hook will be a great success. Just think what you have given the rug hooking world. So many people have had to give it up due to the hook. This gives them another chance - What a blessing.
-- Emily S. - MI

I did finish the rug I was working on using your hook. I love it! It just fits in your hand so perfectly! I am sure I will be using your great hook lots during the next week or so. It is now my favorite hook!
-- Linda S. – Virginia

Terrific service. I can highly recommend buying these hooks. They're great.
-- Jacqui S. - Australia

The hook is needed. You have conceived something that brings good into people's lives. Keep up the good work.
-- Mary Ellen C.

I received your hook!!!! It is fabulous and so well made. Congratulations on the creation, development and release of the Meno Trigger Grip. Your tool will do so much to help people express their creativity and to be able to continue with the joy of rug hooking, with all the rewards and pleasures the craft brings.
--Amy O. - Vermont

The hook arrived yesterday and I gave it a try this morning. I think I am going to like it a lot. It is light, and comfortable to use. Thanks, nice hook - fast & friendly service.
-- Deb A. – South Dakota

Love my Meno Hook. It has transformed my hooking experience from being painful to either my wrist or my shoulder into one of great joy. I saw these at a rug hooking school's camp store, but couldn't imagine how they would work. As I got into more pain, I thought what the heck (and the story on the website of how they were invented is pretty magical). The instructions that come with it show you 4 different ways to hold it. One of them works great for me.
--Susan M. - Wisconsin

An EXTREMELY comfortable hook, It fits like a glove in the hand!
--Stephanie R. - Ohio

I've used it for several days now and find it as good as it was said to be. I'm just a satisfied customer but I thought maybe someone else would like to know about it and I'd give a "testimonial".
--Cherie - Ohio

Terrific product! Great folks to work with!
-- Tamra - Minnesota

I can see how valuable it will be for people who can't hold the hook in the normal manner, and I think others will like it, too. I really do think our readers will be interested. You are filling a real need in the industry, and it warms my heart to think of the people who will benefit from your vision. I wish you the best of success!
--Brenda S. - Product Review Editor, Crochet! Magazine

I got my first Meno Trigger Grip crochet hook the other day, and I'm already ordering another one this morning! I am extremely pleased with it, and I can see myself being able to use this comfortable, sturdy tool for many years to come. The wood handle is beautifully made...smooth as can be. Free shipping, too!!!
-- Janile - MI

Great hook...fits like a dream! Thanks!
-- Dawn C. – Colorado

I've tried many others, but yours is the only one with, not only a great handle, but, more important to me, a hook that seems just right and has a sharper point than what I use.
-- Ramona C. - Ohio

Fantastic people, FANTASTIC HOOK, pleasure to do business with.
-- Nancy B. – NY

The crochet hook arrived. I have to tell you, it made a huge difference - boy, this thing works! I think a lot of people will be very happy with it.
-- Terry W. – Oregon

Thank you so much for designing such a wonderful hook. It took me a little while to get use to using it, but once I found a comfortable way of holding it for me, I love it. My hand doesn't get so fatigued and I find I can sit and hook for longer periods of time.
-- Linnet S. – Arizona

My trigger grip came today and works like a charm. Thank You - Thank you.
-- Becky V. – GA

I tried it and it does work.
-- Agnes R., Associate Editor - Crochet World Magazine

Received my great Meno Crochet Hook today and really like the grain in the handle. I had polio as a child and currently have Fibromyalgia so there are times my hands aren't happy when doing repetitive work. Excellent Delivery. Beautifully crafted Hook Handle. Happy Customer.
-- Lynn J. - WA

I don't palm my hook, even tho the teacher I have keeps trying to get me to do it. With the Meno hook, it is no problem. My teacher even said she is ordering one! They are really nice over the phone and mailed it that day. I received my Meno hook a few weeks ago, and I am thrilled with it. I have large hands and I was developing many aches and pains in my wrist and fingers. With the Meno hook, I hook easily and faster and don't have the pain. It is really wonderful, and it arrived quickly after I ordered it. I can highly recommend it. I can hook faster, and my hand and wrist don't hurt at all with it. I wouldn't trade it for anything!! I had trouble before I started using it.
-- Susan K.

Used my new Meno hook this week and love it. Not so much pressure on my carpel tunnel.
-- Marjorie – Canada

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that your hook is one of the best I've ever used -and I lose hooks so often I've tried many. I have a huge project I'm working on and its all hand torn for a GIANT piece. I usually have cramping in my hands and they tire easily when I'm trying to pull through a wide cut...I'm using a generous hand torn and I've had no problems! I'm astounded...I will surely be ordering hooks for fine and average cuts as well. At first I thought, "I don't know it’s kind of big and I wonder how versatile it will be because of its very specific shape." Boy was I wrong!!! The reasons I thought it wouldn't work are exactly the reasons it DID work!!! Thanks so much for such a great product.
-- Sincerely Cara C. – MA

Please send me a fine hook. I have the primitive & traditional which I like very much! They work very well if your hands “ain’t what they use to be.”
-- Marie R. – New York

I love the hook!
-- Mary Beth H. – IA

I just wanted to drop you a note to say I received my crochet hook yesterday... used it last night...and absolutely love it! The handle fits me like a glove, and the smoothness and quality of the finish on it is superb! I'm "hooked" so to speak!!! Anyway, thank you for your great product, your speedy delivery, and your free shipping!
-- Jackie W. - MI

A rug hooking friend showed me an article on your hook as I also have MS and she thought your hook would help me to hook with less stress. Great to do business with!!! Great Product!!!
-- Carol T. - MA

I can see how helpful it would be for those who have trouble gripping a hook for long periods of time. I was very impressed with how pretty it is—I wasn’t expecting that! I’ll like the ability to vary the grip.
-- Edie E., Product Review, Creative Knitting

Great Rug Tool - Very Happy - Prompt Shipping. Thanks.
-- Sandra B. – TN

Peggy is a great inspiration to others, please tell her to keep up the great work! God is good -- all the time! The article in Rug Hooking was wonderful!
-- Linda D. - Alabama

Really great hook! A #1 site and idea! Thanks!
-- Marlene P. – PA

I think the Pencil grip is going to work the best for me. You have one heck of a creation here.
-- Linda T. – WI

Wow!! I actually had a little time to sit down, and got to read the article written about you Peggy!!! How incredible you are, and what an amazing story! I am so glad they printed your story in RHM.... I remember reading on your website and coming away crying and sooo inspired by your endurance, and desire to do what you loved!! You are an amazing woman!!!!! KUDOS!!!! Big hugs!!!
-- Bren

I must tell you, when I first picked up the hook, I thought it felt a little awkward. However, I kept using it and it did not take too long for it to feel quite comfortable. Usually when I hook, it hurts with each stitch, and I also used one of those Hand Eze gloves which did help some. Now, after using it for some time, I find it VERY GOOD. I do find I cannot hook as fast as I usually do, but have no pain when I finish an afternoon of hooking. I have always changed hooks when I hook for a day or aft., as it changed the grip a little and seemed to help. This one I can hook all afternoon, and my hand is not throbbing. THANKS FOR DESIGNING THIS HOOK.
-- Evelyn F. – Ontario

Thanks so much for everything! The primitive hook is just great. I think it makes my loops turn out better. They look more consistent with the new hook. I can't believe how much easier rug hooking is for me. Thanks for your help and encouragement.
-- Chris B. - PA

Got the Traditional hook yesterday and used it all day today. It's WONDERFUL. I was hooking with a 4 and 5 cut today. I would like to order the Fine hook to use for 3 cut.
-- Linda Z. – AL

I received my hooks on Monday. I love them. I am a teacher in Canada and I have arthritis. I hooked on a project yesterday for six hours, with breaks, and I am still able to move my hand today. Before, no matter how many times I changed hooks, I was only able to hook for 2 hours at the most. I will certainly pass on the great news to other hookers, teachers and students.
-- Janice D. – Ontario, Canada


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